Evolve your banking services using better data

Enhance the way your clients experience your business ecosystem by partnering with ForwardAI for small business data access and analysis. ForwardAI’s API solutions offer raw transactional and pre-analyzed actionable insights using accounting data, which means banks can offer their small business clients more information than ever before.


Supplement your business banking platform

Banks can't just be banks anymore. Modern clients want more and more from the financial institutions that serve them than ever before. Want to support your clients by expanding your services? Possibilities are endless when using our aggregated data integrations and ready-to-use data-derived insights within your banking platform.

Cash flow forecasting
Branded online invoicing
Direct bill payments
Online payment acceptance
Reconcile accounting within bank
Personalized financing offers

Help business clients manage cash flow

Cash flow is one of the most critical metrics a small business has. Keeping a close eye on a cash flow forecast is one of the best ways to keep a small business healthy and thriving. By adding deep data insights to your banking platform, your clients can seamlessly view Daily and Weekly cash flow forecasts up to one year in advance and Monthly forecasts for up to three years in the future.

We have years of experience working directly with small businesses and can help you build the best solution possible for your clients.

Create an intelligent embedded lending finance ecosystem

Banks can leverage the power of our technology to make smarter, faster lending decisions. Using our system to connect with borrowers, banks can turn client onboarding into a simple three steps that give them access to raw and analysed insights on historical, real-time, and predictive financial business data.

That’s not all. Our revolutionary PreciseMatch technology validates accounting data with banking data so you can trust that your decisions are being made with the best possible information.

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