Become a Small Business Lending Pioneer

Our innovative technology products allow lenders to see critical forward-looking business data & cross-validate borrower data to reduce risk with small business lending.

We make lending less complicated.


Integrate data into your platform with the ForwardAI Precise API

Implement over 160 data points into your existing lending workflow

With a single integration, you can access normalized data from a variety of leading accounting software and banking providers. ForwardAI Precise can be up and running within a day and offers lenders a "Precise" look into a small business’s current and future financial health.

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Use our tailor-made lender portal with ForwardAI Access

Our white-label software displays borrower data points in an interface that is easy to understand & navigate

This streamlined portal analyzes accounting data from leading accounting software providers and verifies it with banking data to display accurate historical, real-time, and forward-looking financial insights.

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Integrate easily with client data through ForwardAI Connect

Borrowers can share existing accounting data with lenders in minutes

Potential borrowers can visit your white-label portal and sync their accounting data with you so you can see all the insights you need to make smarter lending decisions. It works with leading small business accounting, banking, and other small business software.

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