A premium API for accounting and business data

ForwardAI Precise is a powerful universal data stream designed for banks, lenders, and fintechs who want to improve the services and products they provide to small business clients. Easily integrate with major accounting, banking, commerce, and payments software platforms using only one API.


Get deep insights and do more with them

The Precise API offers access to short and long-term cash flow forecasting and numerous risk attributes, all analyzed instantly from validated client-permissioned data. Our unique PreciseMatch™ technology reduces the need for manual fraud checks and accounting reconciliation using powerful push and pull technology.


Improve the small business customer journey

With only three steps, get secure business info analyzed into key financial data points and insights visible via custom or prebuilt interfaces.

Client prompted to connect data and accounts
Client grants access, and data is processed
Financial data/KPIs analysed and predicted

Process small business lending applications in seconds

Are you still reviewing spreadsheets and PDFs to underwrite small business loans? The Precise API processes SMB information so quickly that you can reduce loan decisioning time to seconds using predetermined lending criteria. Whether you want to use a borrower’s DSCR, days cash on hand, client history, or predicted cash flow data, we make it easy to reduce risk and make smarter lending decisions.

Design an innovative business banking platform

Worried about losing market share to a challenger bank? Modern business clients expect more and more from their financial institutions. The Precise API can provide powerful differentiators between you and your competitors with deep data insights and unique features such as automatic accounting and banking transaction cross-validation.

Integrate with major small business software platforms in markets worldwide

Looking to expand? We offer real-time access to market-leading small business software, including QuickBooks Online, Oracle Netsuite, Zoho Books, Sage Intacct, and many more. All data is fully normalized and offered in a streamlined format along with our robust AI insights and full push and pull functionality.

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