An API that brings you all the real-time business data you need

ForwardAI is disrupting the FinTech industry with ForwardAI Precise, a full-service API that automates 160+ real-time business data points to predict a small business's future viability.

ForwardAI Precise

ForwardAI Precise provides real-time, context-rich data

Forward-looking data available in JSON or PDF

Historical &
Forward-Looking Data

In both JSON & PDF formats.

Historical data available in JSON or PDF
Real-time small business forecasting based on accounting data


Real-time cash flow forecasting based on accounting data.

See short-term forecasting data
Short-term Cash Flow Forecasting

Based on transactional data daily, weekly & monthly, up to 12 months.

See long-term forecasting data
Long-term Cash Flow Forecasting

Based on a small business’s cash flow statement with trend analysis.


Review accounting intelligence, not accounting data with metrics and insights for informed decision making.

Detailed analytics views
Detailed Analytics

Detailed view of the top revenue months, top customers & vendors, top inflows/ outflows, profit & loss, balance sheet & much more.

ForwardAI's proprietary health scoring
Proprietary Financial Health Scoring

Easy-to-understand score of a small business’s future financial viability.

Make informed decisions with our metrics and insights

Leading SMB Accounting
Software Providers

QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, Sage, NetSuite, Zoho Books,
ClearBooks, FreeAgent, Microsoft Dynamics 365, MYOB, Reckon
One, Wave and more coming soon.

  • We integrate with QuickBooks data
  • We integrate with ClearBooks data
  • We integrate with FreeAgent data
  • We integrate with Netsuite data
  • We integrate with FreshBooks data
  • We integrate with ZohoBooks data
    Zoho Books
  • We integrate with ReckonOne data
    Reckon One
  • We integrate with Wave Accounting data
  • We integrate with Sage data
  • We integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 data
    Dynamics 365
  • We integrate with MYOB data
  • We integrate with Xero data
Assess the risk of a small business

Risk & Trends

Accurately assess the creditworthiness of a small business.

See several risk attributes
Numerous Risk Attributes

DSO, DPO, CEI, Days Cash in Hand, Customers at Risk, Probability of Default & more.

See different trends
Trends & Variances

Income, expenses, receivables, payables, profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow statement & more.

Data Structure & Validation

ForwardAI Precise delivers data in a highly structured format and is able to validate accuracy from both accounting and banking records.

Normalize accounting data into a universal format
Normalized Accounting Data

ForwardAI Precise mapping technology delivers a universal format of data to our customers, regardless of the source of origination.

Cross reference banking data with accounting data
Banking & Accounting Data Cross-Reference

We compare trusted banking data with accounting data, as it changes to match with appropriate receivables and payables.

Data structure folder

Industries Served

We serve small business lenders
Small Business Lenders

Leverage ForwardAI Precise API for credit decisions and on-going evaluation of your small business customers’ financial health.

We serve trade finance companies
Trade Finance

Leverage ForwardAI Precise API technology for credit decisions and on-going evaluation your small business customers’ financial health.

We serve tech platform providers
FinTech Platforms

Integrate ForwardAI Precise to enhance your software and core service offerings to your clients.

We serve accounting & auditor companies
Accounting & Audit

Leverage ForwardAI Precise API technology for your own internal evaluation on your small business customers.

We serve insurance companies

Leverage ForwardAI Precise API technology for credit decisions.

We serve resellers

ForwardAI Precise adds fast and accurate cash flow data as a service to your core customer offerings.

We serve payment companies

Leverage ForwardAI API technology for credit decisions.

We serve anti-money-laundering and know-your-business companies

The ForwardAI Precise API provides an alternative data stream for granularity, authentication and data anomalies.

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